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Welcome to the world of artistic expression, where colors, shapes, and emotions converge to create a captivating journey. I am Vali Irina Ciobanu, and I have dedicated my life to the world of painting. Through my work, I strive to convey the depth of human emotion, the beauty of the natural world, and the boundless possibilities of creativity.



Valea Popii
White Column
Secret affair
The history of coffee
artist's technique
50 x 50 cm.
mixed technique on canvas
63 x 100 cm.
Egg tempera on leather
100 x 90 cm.
50 x 70 cm.
oil on canvas
oil on canvas
60 x 60 cm.
Egg tempera on leather
100 x 120 cm.
Beneath october's sky
oil on canvas
90 x 70 cm.

Abaut me

I was born in the village of Valea Popii, Călărași County, just 60 kilometers from Bucharest, into a wonderful family that has always supported my passion for art. From a young age, I was encouraged to develop my artistic side.

At the age of 15, I had the privilege of meeting a family friend who was amazed by my drawings. She was the one who decided that I should head to the studio of the painter Dan Botezan. These encounters with Master Botezan and the experiences in his studio were crucial in shaping my artistic career. It was there that I realized that easel painting would become an essential part of my life.


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